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Finding The Right Peelable Coating For You

Protectapeel® peelable coatings are used worldwide in a number of different industries for a number of different applications. But the outcome is the same - Tough durable surface protection.

Are scratches causing additional expenses?

Is rust delaying your deadlines?

Is paint overspray contaminating projects?

No matter the problem, we have the solution!

We manufacture a range of Protectapeel® products for numerous applications, let's take a look....

Aerospace Coatings

Protectapeel® offers superior aircraft protection for canopies, fuselage and components. Whether it's short or long-term protection you need, we have you covered!

Anti-Rust Coatings

Having achieved C5 High EN ISO 12944-6 and EN ISO 9227 after 1,440 hours of saltwater spraying we are super proud of our Anti-Rust coating! It has even been used to protect The HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier and The RRS Sir David Attenborough Research Vessel!

Construction Coatings

Our fire-resistant peelable coating protects surfaces from damage and also protects your budget and your time!

Hot Melt Coatings

This hot melt coating provides an instant cure, tough protective solution during processing, manufacture, storage, transportation and installation! *Flat surfaces only*

Industrial Coatings

Protectapeel® offers a long term preservation system that can protect items externally for up to 24 months, and also meets US Mil-C-6799C.

Marine Coatings

Boats and yachts have been protected internally and externally from expensive surface damage during build, transit and storage. One of our most famous projects was the Eclipse yacht!

Spraybooth Coatings

Spray booth protection couldn't get easier with this simple spray-on peel-off protective coating. No solvents are needed for cleaning as Protectapeel® removes all paint contaminants with it!

Studio Coatings

Protectapeel® has been used to protect studio walls and floors, you may have even seen it on your favourite TV show or film and not even know!

Temporary Advertising Coatings

A great solution for temporary advertising... simply spray, apply or paint the advertising required and peel when needed!

Temporary Decoration Coatings

We love this picture! All this beautiful decoration was created on a Protectapeel® base, meaning that when the campaign was complete, the peelable coating was simply removed and the floor was restored to its original look!


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