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Door and Window Protection for Imperial College London

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Leading UK protective coatings supplier, Spraylat International, have had their liquid applied temporary protection, Protectapeel, specified for protecting doors and windows on the Perfume Factory project in Ealing, London. The project, which is being undertaken by Ardmore, will be student accommodation for Imperial College London. The scheme comprises of a series of blocks rising to 31 storeys, including 603 rooms and 85 residential flats. It is valued at approximately £86,000,000.

Protectapeel has been applied by airless spray to protect both windows and doors during the construction phase, which has another estimated 12 months to run before completion. Protectapeel will remain skin-tight during this period and therefore, will not require reapplication. During this period, many different on-site operatives will be working around these surfaces creating large amounts of dirt and dust, which will potentially damage the surface, leading to repairs and replacements.

Fortunately, Ardmore has applied Protectapeel and will not have to worry about cleaning and damage costs, or time constraints. The temporary protective coating will protect against the harmful elements of a construction site and will leave the windows and doors in pristine condition ready in time for handover. When required, Ardmore will be able to remove the sprayed-on protection easily by hand and no residue will be left on the surface.

Spraylat International have had their liquid applied temporary protection used on many construction sites, including other Ardmore projects such as Sutton Point and Ram Brewery. Protectapeel has also been used on many other construction projects throughout the UK including Hadrian's Tower in Newcastle, Summerfield Street in Sheffield and South Quay Plaza in London, which you can read about here.


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