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Don't Replace It. Protect It!

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Even the most cautious workers will have to contend with surface damage. The best way of preventing damage is considering potential risks beforehand, such as;

- Scratching

- Rust

- Weathering

- Mortar

- Overspray

- Abrasion

- Weld Spatter

- Grinding Sparks

- Salt Water

- Corrosion

These types of damage can cause serious delays to any project. The importance of meeting deadlines is crucial for customer satisfaction and continued business. But as we all know, on busy projects damage is inevitable. So how do you avoid such detrimental delays on your projects?

Protect the surfaces of course!

Here at Spraylat International, we have been manufacturing protective coatings since 1992. (We know a thing or two about keeping your surfaces completely protected!)

Protectapeel® is a water-based protective coating. Applied directly to the surface as a liquid, it forms a bond ensuring the surface is completely safe. The coating can be used internally for 24 months and externally for 12 months. It is simply removed by hand peeling, taking any dirt with it, leaving your surfaces clean and undamaged.

Our authentic protective coating reduces the need to repair or replace surfaces. It not only saves you time and money but also reduces your carbon footprint, helping to comply with your environmental policies.

Get in touch to see how Protectapeel® can help you. Remember Don't replace it, protect it.


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