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Defeating The Challenge: Rising Material Inflation Within The Construction industry

The next few years will be challenging for the construction industry. Lockdowns in China, sanctions in Russia, the war in Ukraine, supply chain disruptions and raw material scarcity are making a dramatic impact on purchasing costs, with material inflation currently around 25% year on year.

The rising material, labour and transportation costs are prolonging delays on-site even further and creating tension in customer relationships.

Although we can’t help contractors with the rising labour and transportation costs, we can provide some assistance in controlling the impact of the material costs.

By using Protectapeel® protective coating, repairs and replacement are reduced on-site. This is because, unlike traditional surface protection methods such as film and boards, Protectapeel® is liquid applied.

What’s the big deal about liquid applied? Let us tell you!


As a liquid, Protectapeel® is quickly applied by airless spray gun or roller, no cutting to size, no taping down just quick and easy protection. Also, because it is a liquid it makes protecting curved and shaped surfaces much easier!


As a liquid it dries to form a skin-tight protective bond to the surface, ensuring no loss of adhesion so surfaces stay protected internally and externally for up to 12 months.


Protectapeel® is a peelable protective coating, meaning it is easily removed by hand peeling. Once removed in one sheet – it can be condensed down into a small ball, which can be disposed of as domestic waste or returned to us for recycling.

Who knew liquid could be so interesting!

Why not see Protectapeel® for yourself with a free Protectapeel® demonstration from our Application Technician!


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