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Instant Cure Peelable Coatings For Flat Surfaces

Protectapeel can be used window protection, hot peel protects flat surfaces instantly.





Why Protectapeel?

Protectapeel Hotpeel is an instant cure, weather-resistant, peelable protective coating.


Providing protection for glass, metal and other flat, non-porous surfaces against damage during;
- Manufacture
- Transportation
- Storage 
- Installation 

Protectapeel Hotpeel is supplied in pellets and is applied by a roller coater directly on to the surface. Protectapeel Hotpeel cures in 3-5 seconds providing instant protection. 

The equipment can be integrated into the production line. Enabling manufacturers to protect their products without affecting production cycle times. 

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Protectapeel Hotpeel instant protection

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