Conquer Disastrous Glass Damage

Protect glass from costly damage such as scratching, dust and paint overspray


Our spray-on window protection film will prevent the need to repair or replace glass and windows.

Applied as a liquid, the protective coating dries to form skin-tight protection. Curved/uneven surfaces are protected easily, without the need of cutting to size. 

Glass is protected during manufacture, storage, transportation & installation.

Protect & Peel

Protectapeel® glass protection spray will protect glass and frames from;
- Dirt
- Damage
- Weathering 
- UV attack 

Protectapeel® is simple to remove by hand peeling. Once peeled, the glass is clean and damage-free, preventing delays and disputes.


As an environmentally-friendly coating, Protectapeel® can be disposed of as domestic waste or returned for recycling.