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Glass Protection Film

Spraylat's Protectapeel Window Protection being used as Window Protection During Construction





Protectapeel® liquid applied glass protection film is applied by airless spray gun or roller. It dries to form a skin-tight bond to the glass and provides a durable protective film both internally and externally for up to 12 months. When required, Protectapeel® is simply hand peeled away revealing undamaged surfaces. 

Instant Cure Glass Protection Film

Protectapeel® Hotpeel is an instant cure, weather resistant, peelable protective coating designed to provide protection for glass, metal and other flat, non-porous surfaces against damage during manufacture, transportation, storage and build.

Protectapeel® Hotpeel is designed to be applied in a factory setting using a roller coater and is suitable for in-line processing. Hotpeel is supplied in a plastic pellet form, once heated to
150°C it melts to a liquid coating that is ready to be applied to the flat surface using a roller coater.

The roller coater can be set to apply the coating at the correct wet film thickness, ensuring an accurate and correct film application every time.