Temporary Protective Coatings For The Engineering Industry

From weld spatter to corrosion we have the protective coating for you


Liquid applied, protective, peelable coatings for preventing damage, rust and corrosion. Protectapeel® provides the best temporary surface protection for stainless steel, bare steel and other metals from damage during storage, fabrication, painting and despatch.

Protect & Peel

Protectapeel® will protect surfaces from damage such as weld spatter, flash rusting, abrasion, staining, dirt, saltwater and weathering.

Protectapeel® adheres to the surface via surface tension which means that it is simple to remove by hand peeling. 


Protectapeel® is also Environmentally Smart, once removed the peelable coating is condensed into a small ball and disposed of as non-hazardous waste.

Rust Protection Coating.jpg