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Ask us about our custom made peelable coatings...


Spraylat International Ltd is the world leader in peelable coating technology. We can produce specific, bespoke products to suit your needs. (Subject to volume and requirements).

Spraylat International Ltd develops and controls the formulation of all new products in-house. We do occasionally consult with local universities that assist with specific projects. 

If you have a unique or specific requirement that our range of coatings does not meet, contact us we can help.

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Things to Consider;

  • What are your protection requirements?

  •  Which surface(s) are you protecting?

  •  How long does the coating need to protect for? 

  •  Do you need a permanent or temporary protective coating?

  •  Do you have an existing formulation or do you require one to be formulated?

  •  What volume is required?

  •  What size packaging would you require?


If you would like to speak with us on a confidential basis regarding your project, please complete the enquiry form or call Dr Henry Spurr on +441536 408 409