Instant Cure

Timber Varnish

Benefits of Photocure Varnish

Automated Varnish - Photocure varnish's application and curing is possible through automated applications and conveyors, allowing you to speed up your production process even further.

Reduced Lead Times - The varnish's instant cure technology means your lead times are significantly reduced as there is no longer a waiting time for varnish to dry.

Reduced Processing Times - Instant cure varnish means you no longer need to wait hours for varnish to dry before using the timber moulds

Reduced Coats of Varnish Required - Typically, timber moulds require 3 coats of varnish. Instant Cure Photocure Varnish required 2.

No Solvents - Instant cure varnish is water-based means you no longer need to wait hours for varnish to dry before using the timber moulds


How Photocure Varnish Works

Instant cure varnish for timber moulds during the manufacturing of cast stone and concrete.

Photocure Varnish is liquid applied by brush, roller or spray.

It is then cured instantly under a UV lamp.

The moulds are then ready for use during architectural manufacturing.


Automated Timber Varnish

Evolve your production process with automated instant cure varnish.

Photocure varnish can be applied by automated sprayers and cured on a conveyor under a UV lamp. 

The long term investment into automated varnish applicators can significantly improve production rates, lead times and save warehouse space.

This can also save money compared to current methods of varnishing timber.

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