Protect Grounded Aircraft With Protectapeel Preservation System

Aircraft Preservation Coatings for Long Term Storage and Preservation




Protectapeel Aircraft Preservation System

In 1953 Spraylat developed the first water-based system for aircraft preservation. In those days, the planes were sprayed in the United States and sent fully protected to overseas bases and loaded on the decks of aircraft carriers. In the Vietnam war the helicopters were peeled on deck and immediately flown into combat. Today this preservation system is still used to protect or mothball aircraft, oil rigs and valuable assets in many business sectors.

The temporary peelable coating is sprayed on to the non-porous parts of the aircraft, protecting it from corrosion or damage during mothballing. When the aircraft is ready to be re-introduced the temporary peelable coating is simply removed by hand peeling. The coating will prevent the need to repair damaged paintwork or in the most extreme cases prevent a full re-spray


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Benefits of Protectapeel

Easy Application

Protectapeel is a liquid coating, applied by spray or roller.

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Superior Protection

Protectapeel forms a skintight protective layer that will prevent damage, dirt and rust to flat, shaped or uneven surfaces.

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24 Months Protection

Spraylat's spray on protective coating will protect non-porous surfaces internally for up to 24 months and externally for up to 12 months externally.

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No Cleaning Required

Protectapeel will protect the surface in transit, during storage and throughout installation. Once the coating is removed, no further cleaning is required.

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Easy Disposal

The peelable coating is easily removed by hand, condensed into a small ball and disposed of as non-hazardous waste or can be returned to Spraylat.

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