Aircraft Preservation
Coatings for Long Term Storage & Preservation

Protectapeel® Aircraft Preservation System

In 1953 Spraylat developed the first water-based aircraft preservation system. 

During the Vietnam War, protected helicopters were transported overseas and loaded onto aircraft carriers. The protective coating was peeled away and the helicopters immediately flew into combat.

Today, the preservation system is still used to protect or mothball;

- Aircraft 

- Oil rigs

- Industrial equipment 

The preservation system prevents corrosion and damage to the aircraft and paintwork. When needed the temporary peelable coating is simply removed by hand peeling. 

The preservation system is a water-based, environmentally friendly coating. It can either be disposed of as domestic waste or returned to Spraylat for recycling. 

To find out more about Protectapeel® aircraft preservation, please give us a call or complete the enquiry form. 

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Uses of Protectapeel